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Modular Conveyor System Manufacturer and Exporter in South Africa

OmTech Food Engineering is one of the top Modular Conveyor System manufacturers, supplier and exporter in South Africa. We provide an extensive range of Modular Conveyor Belt and Modular Inclined Conveyor System including Food Transfer Conveyor Systems, radius flush grid conveyor belt and Modular Curve Conveyor System. Modular Conveyor System refers to a type of conveyor system that is designed and built with modular components, allowing for flexibility, scalability, and ease of customization. Conveyors are used to transport goods, products, or materials from one location to another within a facility or between different stages of a production or distribution process. The system is constructed using standardized and interchangeable modules, making it easy to assemble, disassemble, and reconfigure. This modularity enables quick adjustments to the conveyor layout based on changing production needs. Our Modular conveyor systems are adaptable to different layouts and floor plans. This flexibility is crucial for industries where production processes may change frequently or for facilities with limited space. The modular approach often results in cost savings, both in terms of initial setup costs and ongoing maintenance expenses. Our Modular conveyor systems can be used in various industries, including manufacturing, packaging, logistics, and material handling. They are suitable for conveying a wide range of products, from small parts to large boxes or packages.

Modular Conveyor Belt, Radius Modular Conveyor Belt, Modular Curve Conveyor System, Trough Conveyor System In South Africa

One of the manufacturing and export of premium quality radius modular conveyor belts in South Africa. With a strong reputation for excellence, we take pride in delivering top-notch conveyor solutions that meet the diverse needs of industries across the region.We are also manufacture and supplier of Modular Curve Conveyor System, Trough Conveyor System, Helical Turning Modular Belt, infeed conveyor belt and trough belt conveyor in south Africa at best price. We are committed to offering our customers with high-quality conveyor solutions. Our skilled team guarantees that all of our products meet the highest quality requirements, providing you with dependable and efficient conveyor systems.

Radius Modular Conveyor Belt in South Africa:

A radius modular conveyor belt is a type of conveyor belt designed specifically for applications where curved or circular conveyance is required. These belts are modular in design, meaning they consist of individual modules or links that are connected together to form a flexible and articulating conveyor surface. The modular construction allows the belt to easily adapt to the curvature of the conveyor system, making it well-suited for navigating turns, twists, and bends in the material handling process.

Modular Curve Conveyor System in South Africa:

The Modular Curve Conveyor System is a modern solution for guiding products around bends and curves in industrial situations. This conveyor system's modular design, which includes interconnected links or modules, allows for a flexible and articulate conveyor path. This modular design enables for simple adjustment to handle various curve radii and angles, making the system very flexible to the layout requirements of a facility.

Trough Conveyor System in South Africa:

OmTech is one of top Trough Conveyor System and trough belt conveyor manufacturers in south Africa. A Trough Conveyor System is a type of conveyor system that utilizes a troughed or channel-shaped conveyor belt to handle and transport bulk materials. The conveyor belt is shaped like a trough, with the sides raised to contain the material being conveyed. This design helps prevent spillage and allows for efficient transportation of various types of bulk materials, such as grains, minerals, aggregates, and other bulk commodities.

Modular Conveyor System Exporter

List of Top Products Exported from South Africa

  • Radius Flush Grid Conveyor Belt
  • Modular Curve Conveyor System
  • Trough Conveyor System
  • Inkjet Coding Conveyor
  • Inkjet Batch Coding Conveyors
  • Zero Tangent Radius Conveyor
  • Plastic Food Conveyor Belt
  • Pu Conveyor System For Dairy Industry
  • Frozen Food Conveyor Belt
  • Warehouse Conveyor Systems
  • Packaging And Parcel Conveyors
  • Snack Food Industry Conveyor
  • Buffer Conveyor Systems
  • 24v Dc Power Roller Conveyor System
  • Box Carton Palletizer
  • Activated Roller Belt Conveyor
  • Material Handling Conveyor
  • 45 Degree Angle Case Transfer Conveyor
  • Telescopic Conveyor For Truck Loading
  • Zero Tangent Radius 90 Degree Conveyor
  • Vertical Lift Conveyor
  • Divert Belt Conveyor
  • Straight Conveyor Belt
  • Vegetable Infeed Belt
  • Vegetable Washing Conveyor
  • Namkeen Mixing Machine
  • Ice Cream Cone Conveyor System
  • Flexible Roller Conveyor System
  • Vertical Continuous Spiral Conveyor
  • Customize And Hygienic Conveyor System
  • Case Chute Drop Conveyor System
  • Intralogistics Conveyor Systems

Modular Conveyor System Manufacturer in South Africa : Specification

1. Our conveyor systems feature a modular design, allowing for easy customization and adaptation to different layouts and production requirements.

2. Constructed using durable and high-quality materials, ensuring longevity and robust performance.

3. Modular components allow for easy repair, saving downtime.

4. Designed to handle a wide range of materials, from lightweight to heavy-duty, and adaptable to various product sizes and shapes.

Options for variable speed control and sensors to enhance system efficiency.

5. Compatibility with other equipment and machinery for a smooth material flow.

6. Conformance to international safety and performance requirements.

Modular Conveyor System Exporter Price in Rupees


Min Value

Max Value

Modular Belt Conveyor



Radius Flush Grid Conveyor Belt



Modular Curve Conveyor System



Pvc Conveyor Belt



Inclined Modular Conveyor System



Scooping Belt Conveyors



Barcode Scanner Conveyor System



Automated Conveyor Systems



Food Processing Conveyors



Infeed Conveyor Belt



Inspection Belt Conveyor



Modular Assembly Line Conveyor System



90 Degree Roller Conveyor



Plastic Food Conveyor Belt



Truck Loading And Unloading Conveyor



Modular Conveyor System Supplier: Grades

Scooping Belt Conveyors in South Africa

We[OmTech Food] is one of largest manufacturer and supplier of Scooping Belt Conveyors in South Africa. Scooping belt conveyors, also known as flighted or cleated belt conveyors, are a type of conveyor system designed to transport bulk materials at an inclined or vertical angle. Unlike traditional flat belt conveyors, scooping belt conveyors feature cleats or flights on the belt surface that help prevent materials from sliding back down the conveyor. The cleats effectively scoop and lift the material as the belt moves, allowing for steeper inclines without the risk of material spillage.

Pvc Cleated Belt South Africa

We are well-known manufacturer and exporter of Pvc Cleated Belt in South Africa at affordable price. Scooping belt conveyors, also known as flighted or cleated belt conveyors, are a type of conveyor system used for transporting bulk materials at an inclined or vertical angle. Unlike regular flat belt conveyors, scooping belt conveyors have cleats or flights on the belt surface to help keep materials from rolling back down the conveyor. The cleats effectively scoop and raise the material as the belt advances, allowing for steeper inclines with no chance of leakage.

Modular Inclined Conveyor System in South Africa

Om tech Food Eng. is is the most prominent Modular Inclined Conveyor System manufacturer, supplier and exporter in South Africa. A modular inclined conveyor system refers to a conveyor system that is built using modular components, allowing for flexibility, customization, and ease of assembly. This type of conveyor is designed to transport materials at an incline, providing vertical movement within a production or processing facility. The term "modular" implies that the conveyor system is constructed using standardized, interchangeable parts that can be easily configured and reconfigured to meet specific application requirements.

Z Type Inclined Conveyor South Africa

The Leading popular z type inclined conveyor and Industrial and Automation Conveyors manufacturer, supplier in south Africa. z type inclined conveyor/ Industrial and automation conveyors are types of conveyor systems designed to facilitate the movement of goods, products, or materials within industrial settings. These conveyors play a crucial role in enhancing efficiency, productivity, and automation in manufacturing, distribution, and other industrial processes. A Z-type inclined conveyor is one type of inclined conveyor system distinguished by its shape, which resembles the letter "Z" when viewed from the side. It is intended to convey items or commodities from one elevation to another on an incline, usually in a vertical or semi-vertical structure.

Food Processing Conveyors in South Africa

We are one of the top manufacturer and suppliers of Food processing conveyors. We are also manufacture and supply Vegetable washing conveyor, Potato Incline Conveyor System, Peanuts Inspection Conveyor and Snacks Cooling Conveyor in South Africa. Our Food processing conveyors are specialized conveyor systems designed for the handling, transportation, and processing of food products within the food and beverage industry. These conveyors play a critical role in facilitating the movement of raw materials, processed foods, and packaging throughout various stages of the food production process. Food processing conveyors are engineered to meet the hygiene, sanitation, and regulatory requirements of the food industry.

Modular Conveyor System : Application & Uses

Modular Conveyor System for Mining Industry

Mining Industry

Modular Conveyor System for Bulk Handling

Bulk Handling

Modular Conveyor System for Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing Industry

Modular Conveyor System for Automotive Industry

Automotive Industry

Modular Conveyor System for Assembly Line

Assembly Line

Modular Conveyor System for CNC Machines Scrap

CNC Machines Scrap

Modular Conveyor System for Transport and Logistics Industry

Transport and Logistics Industry

Modular Conveyor System for Packaging Industry

Packaging Industry

OmTech Food Engineering is best in business and is world's Leading Modular Conveyor Belt Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter

At OmTech Food Engineering, we take pride in being a world-class modular conveyor belt manufacturer, supplier, and exporter. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, we have established ourselves as leaders in the industry, delivering top-notch solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients worldwide. As a known name in food processing and material handling, we specialize in designing, making, and providing modular conveyor belts that are high-performing, long-lasting, and sanitary. Our conveyor systems are meticulously designed to meet the specific needs of the food sector. With a strong international presence, we service clients all around the world. Our export services ensure that our high-quality conveyor belts arrive wherever you are.

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